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Gabi Design Studio

Red Pin Cushion

Red Pin Cushion

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Red Pin Cushion

Each paint flower is handmade and unique. Every petal or leaf is a brushstroke of thick acrylic paint, layered over a period of days. Fine galvanised steel wires are used to create the flower stems and the veins of the leaves. A final touch of paint hides the individually coated wires and the textural details make it difficult to discern.. is it a painting or a flower?




Approx. 55 x 25cm


Acrylic paint and galvanised steel wire.


Packaged in a tube with bubblewrap. Suitable for shipping globally. Each paint flower comes with a tag, or certificate of authenticity, that indicates the season in which it was created.  

Care Instructions:

Once removed from the packaging tube, gently bend the flower petals to your desire. Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not keep outside or in water. Gently use a dry or slightly damp micro-fibre cloth to wipe the flower if dust settles. Keep upright and handle with care.



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